trust nature: ingest what you want to manifest by Shannon Kringen

27 Jan

Ingest what you want to manifest is profound and very useful. Thanks.

Artist Shannon Kringen

trust nature: ingest what you want to manifest by Shannon Kringen

Creative Writing Group Free Write:

trust nature: ingest what you want to manifest by Shannon Kringen

Relax out of the trap
rest inside the gap
walking clockwise laps
lapping up the dance
rolling dice of chance
find a comfy spot
prop your back up
clear away the muck
gentle sweet smell
ginseng plants dwell
oxygen reverberating
are you sure about the money?
tangled chaos
endangered smashing
smokey see/sea
english socialized
national care
every citizen covered
ethical humane governing
no longer hovering in fear
increasing diplomacy
solar panels
electric cars
worm bins win!
worshipping chard, spinach, kale
organic greens are the scene
scrambled land
handed to me
dissolve this cranium pattern
light the dark up with inner lanterns
shatter shadoobee
be a newbie
weed the garden
dropping baggage
awake to now
allow abundance
a fun dance
play with material existence
insist on…

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Houdini casts spell on History

28 Aug


US cable network History has ordered a four-hour drama about the life of the master illousionist Harry Houdini.

Houdini, which will begin production this fall, will star Adrien Brody as the eponymous magician and Kristen Connolly as his wife.

Produced by Lionsgate Television and A+E Studios, the story will follow Houdini from desperate poverty to worldwide fame.

Gerald W Abrams and Andras Hamori will executive produce alongside Dirk Hoogstra and Julian P Hobbs.

Source: A+E Networks

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Magic On Cruise Ships

20 Sep

I’m back from a week of performing on a cruise ship for a large corporation who hired it for their top performers. It’s a funny life on board. I’d perform in the evenings and have the whole day to relax as if I was a guest on board. I ate with the clients each evening so it really was as if I was there to enjoy it with a bit of magic each evening. I used to opportunity to practice and work on a couple of new tricks, I caught up with my reading and generally had a fine old time.

And at the end of it all I was paid, rather handsomely. They call this work?

Having A Break From Work

7 Sep

Very good article.

Don’t Forget the Magic

17 Aug

My favourite film…

Source of Inspiration

Don’t forget the magic of life
you don’t need to figure out
the “hows.” Just do what you can
and leave some room for miracles
that come in the most unexpected
ways. Life is as easy as you let
it be…magic and all!

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The Book of Lost Things

17 Aug

Everything you can imagine is real…

Review Anne

Category: Books
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Author: John Connolly
The Book Of Lost Things (Kitab Tentang yang telah hilang)
Penulis : John Connolly
Alih Bahasa : Tanti Lesmana
Penerbit : PT Gramedia pustaka Utama
Agustus 2008
Novel Dewasa (Beneran… bukan buku anak-anak!)
472 hlm; 20 cm
literary awards: ALA Alex Award (2007)

‘Everything You Can Imagine is Real’

Gimana kalau dongeng masa kecil yang pernah kita dengar ternyata berbeda 180° dari yang pernah kita bayangkan? Buku ini adalah ‘twisted version’ dari dongeng ala Brothers Grimm, seperti Rumpelstiltskin, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel.. Dengan setting World War II di Inggris, karakter utama buku ini adalah seorang anak lelaki pemberani bernama David yang baru kehilangan ibunya. Ibu David yang memperkenalkan kecintaan akan buku-buku dengan dongeng dan cerita-cerita menakjubkan. Sang ibu pula yang meyakinkan David bahwa melalui buku, dongeng yang pernah ia dengar bisa dialami dalam dunia…

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Are You Motivated as an Employee? Are You Keeping Your Employees Motivated as an Employer?

12 Aug

JD Rucker

This infographic by Rypple teaches us very nicely about the difference between old-school money-centric motivating techniques and the things that employees are really looking for in a career. Click to enlarge.

Employee Motivation

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